Welcome to Kingdom Seekers Ministry,

I am James Lambert, director. Kingdom Seekers Ministry is a lay ministry dedicated to serious Bible study for both the experienced and the inexperienced student of the Bible. We are located in the Four Corners region of southwest Colorado. My wife Laverne and I welcome you to participate in this ministry and pray that we may be of service to you to encourage and assist you in your Bible study. It is our intent that this website will grow to meet the needs of many fellow Christians to learn and understand God’s Holy Word.


Kingdom Seekers Ministry was started with the intent of helping primarily young people learn and understand God’s Holy Word.
  It has grown to now include all ages in the various aspects of the ministry.  We now pursue a three part approach to the ministry that we pray will be a benefit to all who participate in the ministry.  We publish the KINGDOM SPIRIT, a monthly newsletter dedicated to Bible study and Bible related topics.  This is available in print free of charge and on this website.  We conduct Sunday Bible studies at our local church, KINGDOM TRUTH FELLOWSHIP.  (All are welcome—call 970-562-4874 for times and the location)  Thirdly, we are available for Bible study seminars, personal assistance by letter, e-mail, or phone, and Bible conference presentations.  We believe the Bible to be the most important book in any library, but it must be understood to be of value.  While understanding is always a continuing goal, we pray to be of assistance in any way that we can to anyone with a genuine desire to learn. 

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